Main Street Memo

“The Main Street Memo,” is a project by Fire Engineering.

This is a downloadable, single-page offering that will focus on hazards and issues directly associated with downtown-type legacy construction.

It is our hope that you download and post wherever your fellow members look for information. Let us help you better prepare you for your next Main Street fire.

These memo’s are created by Chris, Lex, and Joe Pronesti. Joe is a 31-year veteran of the Elyria (OH) Fire Department, where he is a shift commander. He is a graduate of the Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Executive Officer program and a lead instructor at the Cuyahoga (OH) County Community College Fire Academy. He is a contributor to fire service publications and sites, including Fire Engineering,, and Joe has been a mentor to us both, and we are grateful to be working on this project with him.

Please be sure to check out the other resources provided by Fire Engineering while you’re there.

Main Street Memo: Transom Windows

Main Street Memo: Half Stories

Main Street Memo: Wet Walls

Main Street Memo: Fireman’s Cut Beam

Main Street Memo: Masonry Collapse

Main Street Memo: Wall Tie vs. Anchor Strap

Main Street Memo: Overhaul

Main Street Memo: Collapse

Main Street Memo: Find the Triangle, Find the Void

Main Street Memo: Sand Lime Mortar

Main Street Memo: The Parapet Wall