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“Purpose driven, not profit driven.”

Nothing we share is our own, it has been passed down to us through senior firemen, books, and earned through experience. We believe the only way to make the fire service better is to share this freely with others. We encourage you to take what we have and make it your own.

All we ask is that you continue to pass it on.

We enjoying sharing information, and learning with others through group discussions and street side talks.


“Street Side” Instruction

Classroom “Discussion Type” Talks

Acquired Structures


Upcoming Classes

“Legacy Firefighting, A New Take on Old Buildings” – FDIC 2023

Fireground Commanders Conference- May 8-10 2023

Passion for the Craft Conference- October 7-8 2023

Past Classes

Fireman’s Guide to Main Street”, Lecture and street walk, Carthage, IL FD

“Legacy Construction, A New Take on Old Buildings” – FDIC 2023

“Fireman’s Guide to Main Street” Heart of Texas Fools

Fireman’s Guide to Main Street”, Lecture and street walk Jefferson City, MO FD

Fireman’s Guide to Main Street”, Columbia, MO FD

“Main Street Firefighting: An Effective Approach to Legacy Buildings”, Carolina Fire Days 2021

Fireman’s Guide to Main Street”, The Fire Don’t Care Conference, Kent, OH

Fireman’s Guide to Main Street”, Lake Area Fools

“Main Street Firefighting” Zoom, Smooth Bores and Smooth Pours New Hampshire Fools

“Main Street Firefighting”, Lecture and Scavenger Hunt, Tipp City, OH

Legacy Building Construction and Overhaul, Acquired Structure Training, WashMo Hot

“The Half Story” Zoom, Weldon Fire Company

“Main Street Firefighting” Zoom, Peter’s Township Fire Department, PA,

“Main Street Firefighting” Zoom, Merion Fire Company of Ardmore

“Fireman’s Guide to Main Street”, Building Construction Seminar, 8hr Lecture Elizabethtown, PA 

“Fireman’s Guide to Main Street”, 8hr Lecture, 4th Annual Building Construction Symposium, Avon, IN

The Art of Truckmanship”, 4hr Lecture, Riverside, IA

“Anatomy of Building Construction” Zoom, Central Ohio Fools

“The Art of Truckmanship” Zoom, Central Ohio Fools

“Anatomy of Building Construction” Zoom, Western Buckeye Training